An Overview Of Making Finance Your Career Choice

download (18)Being good with numbers is a skill that can come in useful and be an advantage in most jobs. If numbers are a particular strength of yours then a career in the finance sector or accounting could be the one for you. Accounting degrees are obviously a great route into the profession, many offering work placements so it can be possible to gain some vital experience as you learn. With the current economic climate being so volatile, many businesses are now relying on their accountants more and more.

Efficient businesses will keep their public records accurate and current. These records are often administered by an accountant along with other services, it can often depend on the branch of accounting entered into as there are different conventions between public sector accounting and business accounting for example.

For any would-be accountants there are a variety of positions available in different sectors. Governments, charities and corporations fall under the umbrella of public accounting and typical tasks for an accountant in these sectors can include dealing with a fair amount of tax related matters, consulting and monitoring financial transactions. There can also be a degree of auditing involved, so this is a good area to aim for if you like variety.

Government accountants keep close watch over the records of government agencies and also audit private businesses and certain individuals whose activities are under the close watch of government regulations or taxation. Accountants working for State, Federal, or local governments make sure that revenues are received and expenditures are made in agreement with regulations and laws. Accountants working for the federal government could also work for the Internal Revenue Service or in financial management, budget analysis, administration, and financial institution management.

If accounting isn’t quite what you are looking for, then a position as an internal auditor could be a viable alternative. Internal auditors verify the accuracy of records within a business, their processes and internal workflows. Often an auditor will get down to the tiniest detail of each and every record, transaction and action. When this information has been collated it can then be reviewed to make improvements on not only financial matters but also overall work force efficiency.

Accountants can often be found working predominantly in offices so if you are not taken by working indoors, in front of a computer or in an office it may not be the best suited career for you. The hours accountants work do vary from job to job but the average is usually around 40 hours a week.

Accountants and auditors also engineer internal control systems and analyze financial data. Others positions in which accounting training is necessary are appraisers, loan officers, budget officers, financial managers and analysts, bank officers, purchasing agents, actuaries, underwriters, tax collectors and revenue agents, FBI special agents and securities sales representatives.