Former United States President and billionaire Donald Trump announced his own series of NFTs

The NFTs collection will be called

Trump digital trading cards

 Each NFT  will be of  99$  and There is a limit of 100 per purchaser or household.

There is also a chance to win “1000’s of prizes” including a guaranteed dinner with Donald if you pony up for 45 cards,

45,000 pieces sold in 12 hours Raising $4.45M

Trump also stated, “These cards feature some of the really incredible artwork pertaining to my life and my career.”

according to OpenSea data, with nearly 14,000 people purchasing one or more of the online tokens.

Although The company behind the cards is not owned by Trump but uses his likeness and image under a paid license.

Do you think the money raised through these      NFTs will be small for a billionaire like  Donald Trump?

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